Our Vision

"We have been inspired by the voyages of Apostle Paul in the Mediterranean".

Dear friends,

Sailing our Voyages through the Sea of Mediterranean we have always been thrilled by the culture, the stories and myths, the new roads of Faith; what a blessed place indeed!

We have been amazed by the unique way the Mediterranean offered place for new ideas to flourish and for spiritual Light to shine as a Lighthouse in the world!

We have been specifically inspired by the voyages of Apostle Paul; from Jerusalem to Rome and from Athens to Antioch, those journeys have changed our lives, forever!

Thus,we have put together our unique Christian Voyages aiming to make it possible, easy and affordable to all Christians to come and navigate with us at the same places Apostle Paul lived and preached; most of our voyages operate on board chartered cruises; this is our Christian Travel Ministry,  which our company finances with the aim to finally have a special travel  product only for the Christian people.

Welcome on board Steps of Paul Cruises !


SOPC we are not a mainstream cruise operation but a Christian Touroperator organizing the special Voyages for the Steps of Apostle Paul on board chartered cruiseships. As such, a minimum of participants are mandatory for the operation of a sailing, without which the sailing can be rescheduled to another date or can be replaced with a different sea voyage, on board a different cruiseship or a combination of land and cruise, always without any extra cost to our booked passengers.

As our investment is extremely substantial in making those special Voyages  a reality  for our devoted travelers, if a group is rescheduled and unable to travel on the given dates, we shall offer them a variety of trips and dates to choose from ensuring they will reap the benefits of the trust and funds invested in us.